Social media management

For most businesses, maintaining a presence on social media is an essential feature of a successful marketing strategy. When used effectively, social media can broaden your consumer base significantly, and enables businesses to interact regularly with potential customers. Social media marketing is most effective when carried out regularly, and you may feel this is not the best use of your time, or area of expertise.

At LRS Designs we are experienced in social media management, giving you those extra hours back per week to focus on what is most important. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

A sample of our client base for social media management:

Dandelion Devon
Friends of Chudleigh School (FOCS)
Chudleigh Rotters
Revelation Threads – Jacqui Parkinson
Chudleigh School Road Safety
Zoe’s Fund for Clic Sargent

Dandelion Devon

Website management:
Buckland & Milber Community Centre Web Hub