Frequently Asked Questions…

If you’re a Sole Trader, why do you refer to yourself as “we” or “the team”?
As a single mum to three little people, I have to work around them and often with them! Each of them has an opinion and I love when they share that with me. I couldn’t do what I do without them to get me up in the morning (often literally!) and to motivate me to fit work in around them any way I can!

Why Graphic Design?
The chance to be creative and produce something real, tangible, visual provides a very satisfying feeling as a project comes together.

Would you work for a larger Graphic Design company?
Good question! If I could work flexibly as being a Sole Trader currently allows, then possibly. But I also like being my own boss, being able to select projects that resonate with me and being not too busy to be able to work closely with my customers.

Why do you involve your customers in the design process, surely that’s your job, not theirs?
When someone comes to me with an idea or request for a project, they will already have an idea of what they want/expect in the end product. Taking a customer’s initial description, creating a draft and taking it back to them allows them to better visualise what they are after and so better voice their requirements. This allows me to tailor the design more specifically and produce a completely unique product that the customer is 100% happy with.

What computer programs/applications do you use?
I currently use a mix of Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop depending on project requirements.

What are your goals for the future?
To keep designing and creating, and to keep having fun doing so!

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