Do freebies add value?

For me the artist’s response to this Sainsbury’s ad speaks volumes!

supermarket freebie.jpg

Does doing work for free really add value to or benefit a sole-trader’s work?
Does working for free encourage others that you are worth paying for a project?
Does working for free put food on the table to feed the kids?

Don’t devalue someone’s work by asking them to give it away for free…


Gotta love some upcycling!

tea collage.jpg

A length of pine fitted with coat hooks…
Cue screw driver, saw, drill, dowel & glue, emulsion wash, knife and hand-cut card stencils, more sawing, a dab of painting then sealed with a clear spray sealant et voila!

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Make-it Monday

Two pieces of hard wood joined edge to edge with dowel and glue. Brush coated with an emulsion white wash then sanded back. Acrylic lettering using stencils. Finished with a clear spray sealant.