Love the process…

Designing something striking, eye-catching, unique, bespoke, doesn’t only take time and creative input, it involves conversation with the customer to make sure what’s created is something they’re completely happy with.

Some might find this frustrating but it’s one of the aspects of design that I love; being able to draw from a persons mind the information needed to put to paper, or to computer screen, those thoughts, images, ideas and recreate what’s seen in the mind’s eye.

Often customers ask for a product but say they “don’t really know” what they want it to look like. Yet they do! Because as soon as I show them a sample piece, they’ll know if it’s not what they were thinking of!

We recently finished up this lovely banner for our local preschool. It took some conversation to whittle down to what was really wanted. And everyone is super happy with how it’s turned out! Great stuff!

Preschool Banner.jpg

Makeover Monday…

I had a customer asking if I could personalise a small wooden box with her son’s name, but after some discussion, we took things a step further…

From a highly polished, slightly unimaginative wooden box:


To a distinctive, masculine, personalised gift:

Out and about…


Today we’re at the Chudleigh Family Fun Day at Chudleigh Cricket Club in support of CancerLifeline Southwest, a fantastic local charity who come alongside people post cancer treatment and support them by providing Time To Retune breaks.

Chuffed to be here. If you’re local, pop on dow between 11-3 today. Looking forward to seeing you!